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Acadamh na gCláirseach–Academy of Early Irish Harp

Online harp courses, tutored by international experts


Winter Programme, 3 February – 9 March, 2024

Easy harp melodies from 18th-century Irish sources

Develop your technique, grow your repertory — and have more fun playing — with music from the early Irish harping tradition.


Reconstructing Carolan: Play transcriptions of his music made from 18th-century Irish harpers

Explore better and lesser known Carolan compositions, working with juicy pages from a unique Irish-harp-music manuscript of the late 1700s.

An introduction to Scottish Gaelic for harpists and singers

Be introduced to Scottish Gaelic language and pronunciation, and the historical tradition of Gaelic heroic ballads, and learn to sing an evocative Scottish Gaelic song.

  • six weekly 75-minute group classes taught by experts

  • class materials to help you practice and learn

  • access to recordings of all classes

  • social 'tea breaks' with each class



Scoil na gCláirseach - Festival of Early Irish Harp


26 July – 1 August, 2024

ONSITE in Kilkenny, Ireland & LIVE Online

55 events: workshops, talks, concerts, social occasions and more
ONSITE in Kilkenny & LIVE Online


Rediscover the music and traditions of Gaeldom's exquisite, ancient harp.

We warmly welcome players of ALL kinds of harps.

Information and tickets:

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