About Me

I conduct construction and craftsmanship analysis of historical musical instruments. My expertise is in non-invasive techniques, utilizing 20+ years of experience in digital multispectral scientific imaging, and an interdisciplinary background in STEM and music. I provide technical information for musical instrument makers, musicians, museums, collectors, and other researchers.

I have led groundbreaking work studying the historical harps of Ireland and Scotland, and recently led a project funded by the Arts Council of Ireland to undertake analysis of the Hollybrook harp at the National Museum of Ireland for the Historical Harp Society of Ireland.

Previous work includes scientific analysis of the Lamont and Queen Mary harps, two rare early surviving clàrsachs, in collaboration with the National Museum of Scotland. This research is now being used by musical instrument makers to produce informed replicas of these historical harps.

I give presentations to specialist and general audiences, and am dedicated to public outreach and education. I served on the Governing Body of the Historical Harp Society of Ireland from 2016–2020, and am Assistant Director for the 2021 Scoil na gCláirseach - Festival of Early Irish Harp.

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