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Enhance your work

consultations: $50/hr

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For makers of metal-strung harps

Inform your harp making

Learn about materials and craftsmanship

Whether you are building harps modeled after historical instruments, or your own designs, you can enhance your work by exploring the craftsmanship of the historical metal-strung harps of Ireland and Scotland.


  • materials (woods, metals, pigments)

  • construction methods

  • stringing

  • decorative work

  • tuning pins

  • historical modifications

For all instrument makers

How to forensically examine an instrument 

(without expensive equipment)

Planning to view an historical instrument? Make the most of your visit!

  • how to prepare for your visit

  • what to bring with you

  • do’s and don’ts for examining an historical artifact

  • what to look for, what to record and measure

How to work with 3D (‘laser’) scans

Do you have a 3D scan of an instrument, or are planning to have one scanned? I can show you how to view and work with 3D scans to extract the information you need.


  • where to find free software

  • taking measurements

  • creating cross sections and orthographic views

Or, let me do the work for you. Send email for pricing.


Photo: Karen Loomis

© National Museums Scotland


Photo: Simon Chadwick


Created with MeshLab

© Historical Harp Society of Ireland

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